Clean Out Disc

Clean Out Disc

Clean Out Discs are perfectly used with Excavators, Mini Loaders and Skidsteers

Auger Torque Clean Out Discs are used to remove spoil from holes after drilling to create a clean and flattened, more compact base. The Clean Out Disc is a complimentary product to the best selling Auger Torque Earth Drill and is compatible with drives ranging from X1500 to 25,000MAX.

During drilling, small amounts of spoil can be left at the bottom of the hole once the Auger is lifted away. The Clean Out Disc is used on the same earth drill and immediately after an Auger, where the use of a cleaning bucket is not viable.


    Ideal for pier foundation contractors

    With the aid of the Cradle Hitch the Auger can be quickly removed and the Clean Out Disc attached and locked in place with the standard Auger Pin. After using the Clean Out Disc to compact remaining spoil and create a clean bore hole, concrete and rebar can be placed creating a stable foundation.


    • Machine Compatibilty: Excavators 1-22T, Mini Loaders, Skidsteer Loaders
    • Earth Drill Compatibility: X1500 - 25,000MAX
    • Width available: 300 - 1200mm
    • Shaft options: 65mm round or 75mm square

    Clean Out Disc with Excavator

    The rebar cage is placed

    Concrete is poured

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